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One of the world’s purest and most natural salts deposited for more than three million years at a height of 2,000 m in the Bolivian Andes, which has remained unblemished under a layer of ancient lava.

Hands processed Rose Salt contains many valuable minerals and is ideally suited for the performance of various beauty care procedures. This special finely ground salt is ideally suited for use in massage procedures and is also a great scrub. It is wonderfully suited for use as an additional product in various SPA procedures.
Rose Salt’s pink hue is due to its high iron content, which is much higher in this salt than in ordinary salts and sea salt. In addition to its natural iron compounds, Rose Salt contains a lot more of the minerals which are so important to the human body: potassium, calcium and magnesium. Since the sodium content is lower, Rose Salt is friendlier to the skin which does not become dehydrated.
Sodium and potassium: usually function concurrently, ensuring the generation and transmission of nerve impulses, maintaining normal body osmotic pressure. Sodium and potassium control the balance of water in skin cells and improve tissue plasticity.
Potassium improves the supply of energy to the cells, stimulating cell microcirculation and regeneration. It facilitates the entry of nutrients into the cells through the cell membrane.
Chlorine: its bodily functions are closely linked to sodium and potassium. Chlorine balances the alkaline level within the skin.
Calcium: stimulator of cell metabolism, supporting the natural rejuvenation mechanism of cells and helping the skin to recover its glow and youth. It regulates the renewal of the skin’s epidermal barrier and delays moisture loss.
Magnesium: one of the most important microelements which plays an important role in the physiology of the body. It stimulates protein synthesis, maintains
molecular unity, as well as being an important element in the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles.
Iron: an important element in cell rejuvenation processes, which plays a major role in supplying tissue with oxygen.
Zinc: one of the elements that facilitates cell rejuvenation, stimulates collagen synthesis and has an anti-bacterial effect.
Copper: an antioxidant and microelement that stimulates Ceratene and collagen synthesis, preserving the skin’s elasticity and tone.

Usage: Before use, mix the salt scrub in the palm with a small amount of water and apply to moist body skin using light movements. Carry out a light massage using circling movements, continuing to moisturise your hands. Then rinse off the remainder in the shower or remove using a damp towel. SPA procedure for the whole body - salt, oil and algae mixture. Apply to the mixture to the body; carry out light massage and wrapping procedure. Use of a thermal blanket is recommended.


Only to be used on undamaged skin. Never use after waxing!

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